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Place an AD - Marco Classifieds
posted: 02/26/12

Place an AD - Marco Classifieds

We at Marco Yard Sale are committed to making your Ad Placement as smooth and easy as possible. Please follow the step-by-step "Getting Started" section below or search our "Help" and "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ Knowledge Base) to assist your Ad Placement and Desktop maintenance. NOTE: Click on any image to enlarge if needed.

"New Seller Getting Started"

Easy as “A” – “B” – “C”—Click on:
  • Place Ad 

(Figure NS:01)

This will take you through the step-by-step process to create your 1st Ad!
Step #1a. Build Your Ad:
5 Easy Steps to Place Your Ad on Marco Yard Sale
(Figure NS:01.5)
Not meaning to question your sanity—we have all done it—the first thing this screen asks is if you are a “Returning Seller?” (I know--you already indicated you are a "new" seller, but just in case, here is your chance to change your mind!)  If you are a returning seller—or even if you think you might be a returning seller, you can check to see if your Email address is on file. Your Email address is unique; therefore, it is used to identify your account/profile.
Marco Yard Sale Build Ad Step 1a.
(Figure NS:02)
If you know you have never signed-up before, go to Item #3, if you are not sure or don’t remember your login information, proceed with Item #2 and Click on:


  • Click here to login
  • Proceed to check your login and/or create your account.


If you have any trouble you can return to “Help” at any time; check the Knowledge Base in (FAQ); shoot us an Email at: OR give us a call at: 239.394.6995.
Continuing to Item #3:
You are at Step 1a. Build Your Ad and ready to select the size Ad you will need to thoroughly describe the item you would like to sell (1-10 lines, approximately 200 characters OR 10-30 lines, approximately 600 characters). This space is nearly two times the space you would receive in the local paper for less than ½ the price! AND. Remember your picture is FREE, no matter what size Ad you choose!! Click on:
  • Ad Size (your choice)

Select the size Ad for Marco Yard Sale
(Figure NS:03)

Also, at this time, you will select the “Main Category” for your sale item. Click on:
  • (Select your choice) Main-Category
  • Continue
Select the Main Classified Ad Category
(Figure NS:04)
You have arrived at “1b. Build Your Ad” where you will select the “Sub Category” for your sale item. Click on:
  • (Select your choice) Sub-Category
  • Next 

Select Your Classified Ad Sub-Category for Marco Yard Sale
(Figure NS:05)

You have arrived at “1c. Build Your Ad” where you will enter the information re: the item you are selling.
  • Enter the Information
  • Continue  

 Enter Information About Your Yard Sale Item
(Figure NS:06)

Step #2 Contact Information:
Your contact information is confidential. The only thing published on your ad is your phone number—very much like the newspaper classifieds. We collect this information for our records and to complete the Credit Card transaction. Be assured, your information is secure, encrypted and completely confidential. It will not be sold, shared or accessed by anyone other than authorized, entrusted personnel.
    • Enter the Information
    • Continue 
Enter Your Contact Information for Marco Yard Sale 
(Figure NS:07)
Add Photo:
To add a photo to your Ad, click on:
  • Browse
  • Select Photo
  • Upload 

Select Photo for Your Marco Yard Sale Classified Ad
(Figure NS:15)



Return Seller:
As a “Return Seller,” you will want to “Login” to your Seller Account, where you may proceed to complete any number of functions, as follows:
  • Manage Existing Ads—both Active and Deactivated Ads.
  • Edit Your Profile—change your personal information.
  • View Your Profile—your personal information.
  • Edit Your Login—change your Email address and/or password
  • Seller Services—purchase additional Ads
  • Seller History—includes all transaction receipts and billing information.
  • Active Ads--view and/or edit Ads that are currently listed on the Marco Yard Sale web site.
Your “Seller Desktop” contains multiple links for each of the above services available as well as links to the Marco Yard Sale (MYS) Home page and a button to return to your “Seller Desktop.”
We would like your experience with the MYS web site to be as painless as possible and ask for your help to make the site; your desktop; our Help pages work for you!
If there is something that is unclear, or you would like to see explained and/or changed; please Email us with you comments, recommendations and/or questions.
These are “Your Neighborhood Classifieds!” Let’s make them work FOR YOU!!


posted: 02/26/12
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